Monday, April 22, 2019

One Year on Bright Line Eating

I've shared my last blog post about getting started on Bright Line Eating A LOT over the last several months, but it's time for a follow up. April 28 marks one year on Bright Line Eating. We are still going strong. Like I said before, BLE is sustainable

Combined, David and I have lost 116 pounds!
I wanted to get real in this post, however, by sharing my weights and the progress which often moves at a turtle's pace. It can be motivating for others to see that it really is a process, a journey, not a destination. It has not always been easy (David is in a rough patch right now), but it is worth it. When things are difficult and weight loss is slow, we have two options. 1. Keep going. 2. Revert to our old ways. It's a no-brainer.

The question at this point is, have you read the book yet? Bright Line Eating was great on Audible, but you'll likely want to have a hard copy as well. Don't let fear hold you back. Get the book!

Let's pull in a bit of birth talk here. After I had my first unmedicated birth, I KNEW other women could do this, too. They just needed to be encouraged and believe in themselves! I totally feel this way about Bright Line Eating. I have been doing this for a year and feel better than I have in over a decade. I haven't been this weight since 1992. Seriously, if I can do this, SO CAN YOU!

There are several mindful activities recommended as part of BLE including meditation, writing down and committing to your food each day, and journal writing. I admit that David and I have not done any of this. If we didn't have the support of one another, I think I'd have to do it. And I completely understand the purpose. There's been a lot of soul searching and understanding that has been a part of this process.

As for the meditation, I find myself enjoying silence most of the day. Other than Native Flute music, I don't play music in the house anymore (no, not even Tim). And I'm alone a lot. I guess I feel like I have a lot of meditation time to reflect even though I'm usually doing something at the same time. The shower is my #1 meditation time.

The bit about committing to your food each day - I totally get it. I commit to weigh my food each meal and I do stick to it. I guess that is my version of that. It works for David and I.

And journaling...  I feel like David and I talk about all of this enough that I don't feel compelled to write it down. I am glad I've documented the weeks and our weight loss though. I'll get to that.

I have really gotten in the habit of making certain foods each week. These are ALWAYS in our fridge.

     * Veggie soup - whatever veggies I have in the fridge, but they don't change much anymore. I have my staples! Cabbage (I really rely on this. It makes the soup more substantial), onion, zucchini, squash, peppers, mushrooms, spinach, carrots, celery, diced stewed tomatoes, vegetarian beef or chicken broth, Lipton onion soup mix, salt, pepper.

We add protein to it when we heat a bowl. We've tried all kinds of lunch meats, shredded chicken, turkey burger, ground beef or sausage, beans, bacon crumbles, etc.

     * Fruit salad - We eat 6 oz of fruit at breakfast and dinner, and the fruit salad is our favorite! We had Tajin on it to spice it up a bit!

     * Cauliflower rice - Another staple and base for many meals. I do make my own because my Sams Club only carries it sporadically. Stir-fry; taco bowls; rice, salami, tomatoes (one-dish meal that I eat every class night!); fried rice.

     * Eggs cups - I've made a bunch of different kinds, but finally found a recipe that we LOVE! I posted it on the Birth Boot Camp blog on our What to Eat Wednesday feature. At the time I was making it with broccoli, but I've since switched to mushrooms, peppers, and onions. Yum!

     * Greek Yogurt in the Instant Pot - another staple. We use it for breakfast with fruit and sour cream on bell pepper nachos and taco bowls.

I always have Triscuits, nuts, hummus, lots of raw veggies, and hard cheese on hand. And I drink Mocha Nut Mate all day long. It's delicious. Oh, and I totally break a BLE rule and chew gum all day, too. Full disclosure.

OK, now on to our weight loss list. This is hard to put out there, but I really believe it will help those of you struggling. I know I've seen lists like this and it's helped me...

The highest weight I got up to was 182. I'm 5'3". Wow, right? When I started BLE, I was 170.9.

Taken one day before I downloaded the BLE book.

Start of BLE - 170.9
Week 1 - 165.4 I lost 5.5 lbs the first week! (I was drinking my pineapple kombucha still. I couldn't bring myself to get rid of it.)
Week 2 - 163.4
Week 3 - 161.0
Week 4 - 159
Week 5 - 158.8 (This week we started tracking body fat too, according to our scale. I was at 39%)
Week 6 - 157.7 / 39.6%
Week 7 - 154.5 / 39.2%
Week 8 - didn't record
Week 9 - 153.3 / 38.7%
Week 10 - 152.8 / 38.6%
Week 11 - 149.9 / 38%
Week 12 - 149.6 / 37.6%
Week 13 -  didn't record
Week 14 - 148.1 / 37.2%
Week 15 - 148.3 / 37.1%
Week 16 - 146.1 / 37%
Week 17 - 144.1 / 37%
Week 18 - 144.8 / 36.5%
Week 19 - 143.4 / 35.4%
Week 20 - 141.4 / 35.5%
Week 21 - 141.7 / 35.5%
Week 22 - 142.7 / 35.3%
Week 23 - 141.5 / 35.1%
Week 24 - 139.8 / 35/1%
Week 25 - 143.1 / 34.5%
Week 26 - 140.0 / 34.4%
Week 27 - 139.7 / 34.1%
Week 28 - 138.2 / 33.9%
Week 29 - 137.7 / 33.9%
Week 30 - 136.2 / 33.8%
Week 31 - 135.5 / 33.6%
Week 32 - 134.8 / 33.5%
Week 33 - 135.2 / 33.1%
Week 34 - 133.4 / 32.9%
Week 35 - 133.0 / 32.9%
Week 36 - 131.6 / 32.6%
Week 37 - 130.9 / 32.0%
Week 38 - 131.6 / 31.6%
Week 39 - 131.6 / 31.5%
Week 40 - 131.1 / 32.4%
Week 41 - 130.4 / 32.2%
Week 42 - 129.7 / 31.6%
Week 43 - 127.4 / 31.1%
Week 44 - 129.5 / 30.1%
Week 45 - 128.7 / 29.9%
Week 46 - 129.0 / 29.8%
I switched to writing the dates somewhere in here. Sorry for the confusion!
April 6  -   126.9 / 29.7%
April 13  - 126.3 / 29.8%
April 20 -  125.3 /27.5%

As you can see, some weeks I didn't lose anything. And sometimes the scale would bump up, but it was often followed by a "whoosh" where I'd see a big jump in the right direction. Again, it's about the journey and having faith in the program. It really pays off to stick to those bright lines.

I've loosely measured inches, and it seems that I've lost over 22" over my body.

Excuse the mess! 45 lbs released!
I am about 5-10 pounds from goal, but I plan to keep eating the same way. As of right now, I don't plan on going on "maintenance." As you can see, things have slowed down for me, but they are still moving. No exercise, other than normal activity. I'm in pretty constant motion, other than work days at the computer. I do believe that at some point, the scale will stop moving downward. I admit that I have a fear of going on maintenance though. I'm convinced I'll begin to move the other direction again. I'll write a follow up when that time comes. I suspect it will be months before I'm to that point.

As for David, I don't feel at liberty to spell out all of his weights like I did on mine, but I will tell you that he's looking fine!

He is "overweight" now, not "obese." He hit that marker on Week 28. At Week 43, he got down to 203.5, but he's struggled to get out of that "decade" since Week 34. He's really anxious to get to "onederland." He's lost approximately 70 pounds and would like to lose another 30.

A little snug...
It fits!
His body shows tangible signs of stress like canker sores and headaches. I think his cortisol levels spike and make it hard for him to lose weight. He's working on stress management. ;-) 

I, on the other hand, had very unusual detox symptoms for months, mostly with my skin. I had to quit using dark hair dye, and at 48 years old, I've finally embraced the silver/grey. Thankfully, it's trendy right now, so I must have waited for the perfect time! I haven't colored my hair since December.

Who doesn't love before/after pics?

May 1, 2018 - one week into our BLE journey
April 20, 2019 - Celebrating almost 1 year on BLE