Wednesday, November 22, 2017

10-session class open till DEC 5!

My current 10-session class is underway, but you can make up the first 3 classes and still join us as late as Dec 5. We have a unique schedule due to the holidays. If this works for you, join us!

Class 2 - Wed, Nov 22
Class 3 - Thurs, Nov 30
Class 4 - Tues, Dec 5
Class 5 - Thurs, Dec 7
Class 6 - Thurs, Dec 14
Class 7 - Thurs, Dec 28
Class 8 - Tues, Jan 2
Class 9 - Tues, Jan 9
Class 10 - Tues, Jan 16

Class is $300 (plus tax) and we meet at The OWN, upstairs from Murphy's Pub.

To read more about Birth Boot Camp, check us out online. I am the founder and love to talk about the curriculum.

For local classes, visit Black Hills Birth Class.

I look forward to helping you on your journey towards an amazing birth!

Donna Ryan
donna @ or blackhillsbirthclass @

Monday, October 16, 2017

My Fall Schedule & NEW Birth Boot Camp Classes!

Hello, my loyal readers. I can't believe you all stick with me after all these years. I assure you that I haven't forgotten you, and I really do have more to say, but dangit, I need more hours in the day. Birth Boot Camp is growing by leaps and bounds, but I'll get to that in a minute.

First things first -

I have a couple of classes starting up in the next few weeks. The first is the Reboot Refresher. Problem is that the date is not firm. I'm headed to CO for a birth and the baby hasn't told me when to come. ;-) The date will be the earliest possible though - Oct 28, Nov 11, or Nov 18. It will run from 1-5 p.m. Cost is $95, plus tax, and comes with a workbook. More details can be found at my website for my classes, Might as well like my BHBC Facebook page, too. Thanks!

I have a 10-week comprehensive class starting Thursday Nov 16 at The OWN. It'll run from 6:30-9:00. Bring your calendar the first night and we'll map the days of class since this is right smack dab in the middle of the holidays. Cost is $300, plus tax, and also comes with a workbook. To sign up, you can call me, email me, or go to my class website, listed above.

I am always up for scheduling a Sibling Birth Class, too, but I do them on a case-by-case basis, and I only teach one family at a time. Let's get you scheduled!


Now, for all of our exciting things at Birth Boot Camp! Over Labor Day weekend we launched NEW CLASSES! These will be online before the year is out, but a live class is always an amazing option.

*  We now have an Out Of Hospital Class which runs 4 weeks. This is perfect if you are planning to have your baby at home or at a freestanding birth center.

*  Homecoming: Life With a New Recruit offers you a roadmap to parenting and enjoying your new baby. I would have LOVED to have had a class like this with my first baby. Truth is, I feel like I didn't really figure it out till my 4th baby! We've passed all that knowledge onto our students in this class, saving you time and headache.

*  Food & Fitness: A Program for the Childbearing Year will prepare you for a healthy pregnancy, postpartum, and beyond. Taught by Katie Dudley, this class is full of wonderful information. The 50-page workbook is a resource to refer back to again and again. While the workbook is available for purchase, the class will be available online later this Fall.

As you can imagine, having all these new classes to teach has made it even more awesome to be a Birth Boot Camp Instructor. We'd love to have you join us, and as always, I'm available to answer all your questions, whether they are about the Birth Boot Camp curriculum, doula program, or becoming a childbirth educator.

I look forward to talking with you!

Donna Ryan
Founder & CEO, Birth Boot Camp, Inc.
donna @ birth boot camp. com

Monday, June 5, 2017

Birth Boot Camp Series Begins July 27, 2017 - Registration Open Until Aug 24

Edited to add that you can still join until Aug 24, or Class 5, and make up the first 4 classes online.

Birth Boot Camp is a childbirth education course designed to help couples have amazing births! It runs 10 weeks. If you are wanting to have a natural birth, I offer a really great road map to get there. 

My next class begins Thursday, July 27 and runs through October 5. (I'll be in Texas the week of Sept 11 for an Instructor Training, so we'll skip class that week.) This class is perfect if you are due in October or November.

6:00 - 8:30 PM
Consider it a date night!

Downtown Rapid City at The OWN, above Murphy's Pub

I charge $300 plus tax ($19.50) per couple. (Price goes up to $350 next series.)
You'll get a 180-page Field Manual and a few other prizes along the way. 

To register, contact me at:

*Best time to start classes? Between 20-28 weeks.*

A little about me...  My husband and I moved to Rapid City the end of the summer in 2015. We always said we'd never live north of I-20, and here we are! I have my season pass to Terry Peak, and after living in the Dallas-Ft. Worth area for 10 years, I am thrilled to have a hill to ski! We love it here!

We have 4 children, ranging in ages 11-20. I have experienced birth in a variety of ways. Epidural birth (narrowly escaping a cesarean section, thanks to a doula) with an OBGYN in a hospital, another hospital birth with a Certified Nurse-Midwife (my first unmedicated birth!), a water birth at home with a Licensed Midwife, and a "land birth" at home with a different Licensed Midwife. 

I am the Founder & CEO of Birth Boot Camp, Inc., and I'm so busy running the company (we are in 35 states!), I rarely get the chance to teach expecting couples. I'm so excited for this upcoming class. There is still room for one - maybe two - more couples.

I look forward to hearing from you. If you can't make my live class work, you can take Birth Boot Camp online. You still get me and the Field Manual. It's over 20 hours of streaming video! Contact me for a coupon code if you chose to go that route. Otherwise, see you in my LIVE class!

Still wanting more info? See what others have to say about Birth Boot Camp classes:

Monday, January 30, 2017

Postpartum Notes on the Door -- Helpful or Rude?

I've had this in my draft folder for a long time, debating as to whether I should share my view on this or not. In case you are unsure what the title is refering to, let me explain.

In the last few years it's become popular (especially with out-of-hospital birthers and care providers) to put a note on the door of the new parents saying, in a nutshell, if you want to hold the baby or stop by to bring a gift, you should be prepared to help out in some way. Examples include:
* dishes
* laundry
* mop or sweep the floor
* tend to other children
* take care of the baby so mom can nap or shower
* take out the garbage
* clean a bathroom

Now, I get that the family is adjusting and some things might get neglected for a time during this adjustment. I've been there. Mom is tired, especially if there are other children to care for. 

I'm sure midwives or doulas think they are being helpful by taping this to the door, demanding that friends and family help these new parents. But is it possible that it has the opposite effect? 

I was talking with a friend about this recently and she told me a story about her taking dinner to someone from her church after having a baby. When she showed up and saw the note on the door, she felt very unsure about what to do. She had spent all afternoon putting this dinner together and now they wanted her to do even more? She left the dinner on the doorstep and drove away. She had arrived feeling full of service and happy to help this new couple. She had donated the time and resources she had available, but it didn't seem enough.

If someone is thinking of you enough to stop by to say congratulations or to bring a gift, I believe that gesture should be appreciated for what it is. The sign on the door does not show appreciation, but that the new parents are owed something by you. The congratulations, dinner, or gift are not enough according to the note on the door. 

Had my midwife put a note on my door, I would have been mortified. I would have removed it without a second thought. That wouldn't have meant I wouldn't have wanted or have welcomed the help. I just would have felt so akward about it being there. If visitors did offer to help, I would have felt like they were doing it because of the note, not because they really wanted to. Visitors get caught off guard. They probably didn't come over realizing they were going to be put to work. 

Everyone is busy. Everyone. Sometimes I want to show someone I was thinking about them, so a treat or dinner, or a gift for the mom or baby seems appropriate, but I don't know that I want to go inside your house and pick through your dirty dishes or laundry. I'm so sorry. I have my own family's mess to deal with! But I can help out in other ways, my ways. If it's not really what you were hoping for, maybe I should just stay away. Let people help you how they want to help. Save the items found on the door for those closest to you who ask "What can I do to help?" or "Can I come get your children for a play date?" 

I don't think the note on the door really helps people know what you need. It's passive-aggressive, at best.

Is it hard for you to ask for help? Are people not offering? But you are losing your mind and need help. A postpartum doula can help. Do you have family nearby? Do you have a close friend you can confide in and recruit for help? Reach out to your doula or childbirth educator, or your midwife. They probably have resources to help you. 

If I had a friend that said "I need your help!" I would drop everything. People often just don't know unless asked. Again, most people are just busy and think others are fine. But rarely are people too busy to help a friend or family member who needs them. People like to be needed, and ultimately to help out. Don't be afraid to let them know. Having a postpartum plan will also help tremendously. Decide who is doing what job, including the relatives coming to help when the baby comes. Remember, Grandma's job is to help with everything except the baby!