Friday, May 6, 2016

A New Place

Do you like the facelift my blog received this morning? It was time. I'm in a very different place - literally and figuratively - than I was when I wrote this blog on a regular basis. My kids are older now, ranging from 11-19, so I'm not doing the baby thing anymore or attending play groups.

My husband took a job in Rapid City, SD, so we uprooted and moved to the Black Hills. For real - we actually live in the Black Hills National Forest. It's so beautiful here and the ski area is about 45 minutes from my home.

It's also like going back in time about 10 years. DVD shops are alive and well here. We can't stream video in the Hills. I have to stay in the kitchen near the cell booster to make a call. We are about 20 minutes out of town, sharing pasture with deer and horses. My life is very different than it was in Ft. Worth, to say the least.

Not streaming video has changed my family's life, too. My teenagers aren't all hooked up with the current YouTubers, but they've picked up a lot more books. They've hung out in the kitchen talking to the family a lot more, too. Hmmm.... Maybe this isn't so bad afterall!

When we moved up here, we lived in a hotel for 6 weeks with almost none of our belongings. That was an eye opening experience as well. After straightening up in the morning, we were free to get out and explore. It made me realize how much time all of our "stuff" steals away from us. I'm trying to become a minimalist, but it's extremely difficult.

Birth Boot Camp has grown so much, it's a full time job. I haven't integrated into the birth community here, and I'm not sure I will. I still have lots to say, lots of observations to speak about though. Expect a post at least once a month here. I'm back!


HaleeBurch said...

I'm glad you are back! Your posts were so instrumental to me learning about pregnancy and birth during my first pregnancy.
Now I am in the first few weeks of my third!

Donna Ryan said...

That means so much Halee. I recognize your name. Congratulations on baby #3! Sounds like you should become a Birth Boot Camp Instructor. ;-)

Stephanie said...

I've wondered how you were doing since you guys moved. It sounds like it is wonderful (and probably challenging, in some ways) up there. Glad you are all doing well! I can't believe your kids are 11-19. Crazy.