Monday, May 26, 2014

My "Famous" Baby Blues Analogy

Pregnancy is such a special time of life. The focus is all about you, your growing belly, how you look, how you feel. Yes, people talk about the baby, but it's centered around how you feel about the baby, what you hope for the baby, where you are having the baby, what you are going to name the baby.

The preparation for the birth and a new baby is so exciting. Part of what is so exciting is the unknown. I like to compare it to Christmas. All the preparations are part of the fun. So much fun, in fact, that Christmas starts earlier and earlier each year. All the presents under the tree -- it's so fun to guess what they might be. The anticipation of the big day surrounds the entire season, just like pregnancy does with meeting this new little person on his/her birth-day.

Birth day comes and goes, just like Christmas. Everyone has opened their presents and they spend the day checking out their new swag, trying on their new clothes, listening to new music. We admire the new baby, rehash the birth, take pictures, count fingers and toes, and decide who they look like. It's a magical day.

By a few days in, routine slowly starts to set in. The glow of the Christmas happiness is still present but the newness of the presents has worn off and the tree looks a little less exciting without the presents under it. Mom is still feeling afterpains when baby latches and getting breastfeeding established, but the excitement is diminishing and she may be exhausted.

Once the tree is down, New Years is over, and January is underway, well, it's pretty depressing. Summer is months away and there's not much to look forward to. Several days after birth, it's pretty normal (about 70% of women) to experience Baby Blues. While just about everything you read will tell you that it's hormonal, I think there is another element we ignore. Any time you are looking so forward to something and then it's over, there is a let down. The focus isn't on mom anymore, it's on the baby. Mom usually looks about six months pregnant and "squishy" for a time and that can be depressing. She's waking up in puddles of milk, she's not sleeping in normal cycles, and she may be tending to other children. The baby is here to stay and you are responsible for him/her! It can be overwhelming.

Like everything else, Baby Blues generally passes. It's a normal reaction or phase and knowing that can be half the battle. If you experience feelings of extreme depression or anger, consult with your care provider. While postpartum depression is not as common, it does occur and it's important to get help.

While I am not experiencing Baby Blues, I did have to power through this winter! I am extremely relieved that summer is right around the corner! Aaah.

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