Monday, January 27, 2014

No Blog Post This Week For a REALLY Good Reason

Like that title?  I know, I know, technically this is a blog post, but not really. The famous Sarah Clark (who you know as Mama Birth) is coming back to Texas to record a new round of Birth Boot Camp online classes with me! This is childbirth education like you've never seen it before - trust me!  We both really love our jobs!

Birth Boot Camp has so many exciting updates this year including -- but not limited to -- a new Instructor Manual, the 6th edition of the Birth Boot Camp workbook (it's about perfect now!), and updated online classes. There are actually more exciting things happening at Birth Boot Camp Headquarters (besides my birthday this week), but I'll keep you in suspense for just a little longer.

If you are interested in taking a LIVE CLASS, click here to find a natural birth instructor near you. If you would like to come train as an instructor, we'd love to have you!  We will be in Indianapolis in June and Orlando in October.  Our 2015 workshops will be announced in February.  Fill out the application today!

Be a part of changing birth in your own communities by teaching Birth Boot Camp classes - helping families have AMAZING births - one couple at a time.

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