Tuesday, December 10, 2013

REBOOT: The Birth Boot Camp Refresher Course

Thanks for visiting my blog.  There's a lot of information here.  I've been writing it for YEARS!

I am super busy training and supporting instructors in teaching the Birth Boot Camp 10-week course, so I only teach the full series once a year, usually beginning in Nov and ending in January. I do, however, teach the REBOOT Refresher class on a fairly regular basis.

REBOOT is intended for people who have already had an unmedicated birth.  I charge $50 and it runs 3 hours.  I schedule this particular class on an as-need basis.  My next one will be the middle of March.  I have two spots left.  Email me at donna@birthbootcamp.com for details.

All Birth Boot Camp Instructors teach a Reboot Class, but they might spread it over a couple of nights. The outline is the same either way.  I have found that most of my Reboot couples are repeat clients. It's such a privilege to be a part of these growing families once again.  Each couple will receive the Reboot booklet and a cool Birth Boot Camp cup with a lid and straw. :-)

Here's what one (new to me) couple that just did the Reboot had to say:

"My interest in taking a Birth Boot Camp refresher course was simply to see what the big deal was about. I've heard many great things about the course.  This curiosity was the catalyst to pursue signing up.  During my 6th pregnancy I really didn't plan for the dynamics of birth and delivery, thinking, I've been through this 5 times already.  Surely I'm an expert by now.  Lesson learned.  Failing to plan is planning to fail.  The results of that delivery was a loss of control and I felt like an emotional wreck.  After the Birth Boot Camp (Refresher) course I feel more confident about this birth.  I'm really glad I had this opportunity.  There's a greater anticipation of meeting this little one.  I'm excited about going through the triumph of labor and delivery this time and know I'll enjoy the work it takes to bring her here." -- Michelle

"My wife asked me if I wanted to take a birth class with her. My reaction was, "Seriously?  This will be our seventh birth and five of them we have already had at home. I think we have this thing figured out by now, don't you?"  I listened to my wife and could see that taking this class was important to her, so it was important to me.  I found the Birth Boot Camp Refresher class enlightening.  Donna had a very easy going personality that put us all at ease.  There were a few exercises we did that really opened my eyes to have better communication with my wife before and hopefully during the birth.  I would definitely recommend this class to any expecting parents."  -- Matt

Do YOU need a REBOOT for your next birth?

You can have an amazing birth -- AGAIN!

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