Monday, July 29, 2013

Benefits of Natural Childbirth - Guest Post by Blogger Courtney Gordner

As you know, I've been accepting blog posts all summer long on various topics and from various people.  I hope you've enjoyed this series, getting to hear from different people and their opinions on a variety of topics.  There are still more to come, as we have decided to remodel instead of move.  My house, needless to say, is upside-down!  I appreciate those that have contributed this summer, including Courtney Gordner, who is featured this week.

"Women wanting to experience the joys of birthing a baby without anesthesia will tell you just how magical it is to give birth to a child naturally.  Despite all of the pain women are said to experience during labor, there are plenty of mothers who prefer delivering their children epidural-free.

Benefit 1: Natural Child Birth Gives Women Power
Nothing beats the feeling a woman has when she is in complete control over her own body.  For centuries, women have been giving birth without the use of drugs.  Natural child birth gives women power.  They generally heal faster and go about their daily lives in shorter time than mothers who remain hospitalized after birth.  They oftenconnect with their infants in a more intimate way when the child is born naturally.

Benefit 2: Natural Child Birth Recovery is Quicker

When a mother is required to feel the capacity of her own labor pains, she knows how hard to push to deliver her child.  An epidural numbs the pelvic area making it difficult to gauge how effective she is at pushing.  If that wasn’t enough to make you want to skip the anesthesia, knowing that you may need to remain in the hospital for a while after giving birth will.  You save both time and money by giving birth naturally.

Benefit 3: Natural Child Birth Helps Prevent Forceps Delivery

An epidural numbs a mother’s senses.  She may not know or remember how to push correctly and in the process her physician may help pull the child out of the birthing canal with forceps. Natural child birth allows a woman to feel her child leaving her body which will help her deliver better and prevent her doctor from using an instrument to extract the child from her. 

Benefit 3: Natural Child Birth Allows the Child to Feel and Be Aware of His or Her Surroundings

Natural birth allows infants to experience their surroundings without the haze that occurs from anesthesia.  If you want to give a loving gift to your child, choose to deliver them naturally.  You’ll heighten their awareness and allow them to connect to you and others in the room without fear.

There is nothing to describe the joy you feel holding your newborn baby for the first time.  Giving birth naturally allows you to experience this moment in its fullest capacity.  You and your child are able to bond without the haziness of anesthesia.  You also take pride in knowing that you’ve connected to your infant is an ancient and miraculous way.  Any mother considering natural child birth will gain peace of mind knowing that she is not putting her child in danger by delivering a baby under the effects of an epidural."
Courtney Gordner is a blogger with a passion for all things health, spirit and life related! Read more from her on her own blog,


JennyD said...

I took the birth boot camp classes, did countless hours of research, and fully bought into the "natural childbirth is beautiful and magical" idea. And then I had my own natural childbirth. It was awful. Not beautiful, not magical.

I am still fully convinced of the physical/medical benefits of natural childbirth, and will likely pursue another unmedicated birth if I have another child, but I would love to see some more acknowledgement from those who promote natural child birth that everyone has a different experience, and sometimes it really is awful. Worth it, but awful.

Alli said...

JennyD - :) You sound like you had a posterior birth. My labor was magical and beautiful at times. But I was in tears and crying "I can't do this!" at 6 cm because of the back labor. I will in a heartbeat do natural birth again. (The drugs FREAK me out - I hate the way pain meds make me feel.) But you better believe I'm doing everything in my power not to have another posterior baby this time around! :)

Deepster Langan said...

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Philip Kushmaro said...

I loved this article. I was trying to explain this to all my friends that a natural childbirth. I'm not saying don't be in a hospital. I'm just saying that chemicals aren't the est idea to put in your body when you are going to give birth to a human being!

Aamir hossain said...

Can increase awareness of the benefits of natural childbirth affect c-section rates in rural areas?

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WWYSWIM said...

I adored this article. I'm trying to say that chemicals aren't the est thought to put in your body when you will bring forth an individual!