Monday, April 8, 2013

More No Poo! - The Curly Cut

Are you sick of this topic yet?!  OK, one more post.

I cheated on my hair dresser I've seen for 8 years and went for my curly cut with someone else.  (I'll get to that part of the story in a minute.)  Yes, she cut it dry and then washed it and styled it.  Now, you may know this, but I did not.  I discovered there really are No-Poo products made by Deva Curl. Like a great-smelling cleanser and conditioner and gels.  (I sell Scentsy and am obsessed with the way things smell.  This is huge.) I love them!  I must admit, however, I like the way my hair felt with the apple cider vinegar rinse - not quite so soft - and easier to hold, if that makes sense at all.  Yes, I like the curly cut and she showed me a few tricks to make it fuller at the root - using clips to dry it.  I never ever use a blow dryer except on my bangs, so this has been an adjustment for me.  If you are in Ft. Worth, I'd definitely recommend the Curly Cut at The Curly Tree.

The story that goes with the curly cut is quite humorous.

If you know me at all, you know how nervous I've been to cheat on my hair dresser.  I've seen the same woman for 8 years!  She's been with me through many Tim McGraw shows and appearances, 3 TV spots, and the regular every-6-weeks color appointments.  We know each other.  We do the same thing at nearly every appointment.  So to make an appointment with anyone else....  Well, it felt like total betrayal.

I had my curly cut on a Friday.  My color appointment was scheduled for Tuesday.  She always calls and reminds us of our appointments on Monday. When she called, she immediately went into this long story about a dream she had woke up to that morning about how I had gone somewhere else for a cut and color.  I cut my hair super short, like 2" - I looked like a boy - and did my hair this funky color.  In the dream I was begging her to fix it.  I told her I was trying to do what was popular by "peppering" my hair. (?????)  She was so upset and wondering what she had done to make me go somewhere else...


So, I had to tell her I actually did go somewhere else for the curly cut.  More silence.  Oh my heck.  It was awful.  And awkward. The rest of the conversation was quite strained as she asked about the cut.  While I could be wrong, I sensed some defensiveness, too.

You better believe my hair looked AWESOME when I went in for my appointment the next morning.  Usually I show up in a baseball hat.  I wanted her to see that this was a good move for me and my hair.  She had had 24 hours to think about it and was not defensive, but complimentary. Actually, she went on and on about how great it looked.  Whew!

This is the same hair dresser that has hated the no-poo thing from day one. But over the last 15 months, she has admitted that my hair is healthier and doing great.  Despite that, she still does not fully support my no-poo lifestyle.  Until...  Her sales rep she buys products from was in her office collecting orders when I was putting my plop on my head.  She saw that I was using the Deva Curl gel and said she sells those products too.  She admitted that she uses No-Poo too.  All of sudden, I wasn't a freak in the eyes of my hair dresser!  I used to spend a lot of money with her on color shampoo and now she is back in business. It was all about the timing, I guess.

I could go on about the parallels between breaking up with your OB and the similarities to breaking up with your hair lady.  I know this cut is better, but it was very hard.  I like my hair lady, but I need something different now, now that I have more information about how to handle my curly hair. Information I didn't have before. Frankly, you can draw your own analogy here.  I'm too dang tired.

I have 2 hair ladies now.  One for color, one for the curly cut.  They both complimented the job the other is doing.  All is well.  The end.


Jenn-Neal said...

pics please! before and after your curly cut?

Dawn said...

What? No pic??

dianthe said...


i say that with love! ;)

The Quinns said...

No before and after pictures is just cruel!!!

roadrunner201 said...

Photos or it didn't happen ;-)

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