Sunday, November 25, 2012

It's CYBER MONDAY at Birth Boot Camp®

I have two exciting things to share with you in regards to Birth Boot Camp natural childbirth classes.  First, with Cyber Monday taking place on Nov 26, we are offering an amazing deal for 24 hours.  If you are looking for a complete - and fun - natural childbirth education course, you found it!


The 10-week course is being offered for $75 off the regular price.  You'll have access to classes for 3 months, receive the 154-page workbook, and the breastfeeding DVD "The Ultimate MRE" is yours to keep.  This is what people are saying about Birth Boot Camp online classes:

“Classes have been awesome. I don’t want this to sound creepy, but I wish I could come out to Texas and give you a hug! I just love listening to you…and you even have my husband intrigued, asking when our next popcorn/movie night will be!   I’m due on June 15th… getting closer…. trying to be patient and relax as much as possible. I feel so prepared — I’m actually excited. I can hardly wait! Thanks for a great resource!” ~ Kiera

“The videos gave us reassurance that we were not on some pilgrimage to pull off something no one had ever done before. It was great to hear that others had not only done it, but instinctually did it well. I’m very grateful our midwife recommended Birth Boot Camp for us to take.” ~Ashton

"Last night I was doula for a couple who had taken the online Birth Boot Camp classes. They were so prepared and mom and dad were both amazing! After 19 hours, they got the natural birth they wanted, a sweet 9 lb 1 oz baby girl. At one point in labor mom was very discouraged and dad was telling her how he was proud of her and how everyone was impressed with how far she had come. Then, he said, "Baby, Ina May and Donna Ryan would be proud of you too." It inspired her into a whole new round of "I can do this".

It is recommended that you not begin classes until you are at least 25 weeks pregnant.  If you would like to take advantage of this once-a-year sale, but aren't quite 25 weeks yet, go ahead and register and we'll delay your classes until you reach 25 weeks.  In the meantime, we will send out your workbook and breastfeeding DVD.  If there is a live instructor in your area, check out their schedule.  (Some instructors may be willing to take the Cyber Monday coupon if you register on Nov 26.)

The second exciting bit of news is, when you go to the Birth Boot Camp website, you have an opportunity to receive a FREE PREGNANCY NUTRITION REPORT.  We are so proud of it!  Not only is it beautiful - and full of scrumptious recipes - the information is invaluable.  The email pop-up will appear when you go to the website and it'll take you no time at all to complete.  The report will be emailed to you.  If you are not interested, simply "x" out of it and continue on to the website.  

Couples are having amazing Birth Boot Camp births all over the world and we are proud to bring modern, contemporary childbirth classes to you, no matter where you are located.  


Above and Beyond Birth said...

So exciting! I can't wait to become an instructor next year! You helped me tremendously throughout my pregnancy, birth, and parenting! I can't wait to do the same for other mommas!!!

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