Monday, May 21, 2012

Why Become a Birth Boot Camp Instructor?

As our first workshop approaches, we are getting so excited!  The Birth Boot Camp materials are amazing, easy to use and understand, and all original.  Indulge me as I tell you a bit more about what sets Birth Boot Camp apart from other childbirth education programs.

The Birth Boot Camp Instructor training workshops will be hands-on.  Most of the book-learning will be done before coming to the workshop and the Study Guide will be completed.  That will give us a chance to focus on learning the curriculum, how to run a class, take them through relaxation exercises, and ultimately, how to become a great Instructor. 

Just a reminder:  If you have given birth without medication and breastfed your baby for at least one year, you are invited to become a Birth Boot Camp Instructor.  Check out the requirements here.

The response towards the Student Field Manual has been awesome.   The Field Manual is laid out to supplement the weekly classes -- additional information and things to discuss between partners and care providers.  There are lots of reminders for partners, so they have a quick reference during labor. Each couple that takes a Birth Boot Camp class also receives the Breastfeeding Class:  The Ultimate MRE on DVD, taught by lactation consultant, Mellanie Sheppard. 

Sarah Clark (aka Mama Birth) and I wrote the Instructor's Manual and we are so proud of it!  It is so functional, providing Instructors with a detailed outline of the curriculum and games.   We have made teaching so easy!

Birth Boot Camp utilizes the technology available to us by using video and online classes. These are available to Instructors and students alike.  As part of their workshop fee, Instructors are given several supplemental video resources to use in their classes.  I've always enjoyed inviting visitors to class (doulas, chiropractors, etc.), so Birth Boot Camp created videos with various professionals answering a number of questions about their profession and how their services can help achieve a natural birth.  Instructors are encouraged to bring in local resources or use the Birth Boot Camp videos.  Other interesting topics include Babywearing and Cloth Diapering 101.  Instructors should use their discretion as to what videos/visitors their class would benefit.  Use just one video or use them all.

Instructors will also receive all the Birth Boot Camp birth videos with their workshop fee.  We anticipate updating videos periodically.

Birth Boot Camp created a website especially for Instructors. This is where they buy their Student Field Manuals, breastfeeding DVDs, and supplies to run their business.  It also provides links to stay current on the research and evidence as well as printables for the games.  We want Instructors to feel supported on their journey in helping other couples achieve a natural birth, and will foster that community through the Birth Boot Camp forums on the Instructor website. 

The workshops are filling up for September and November.  If you are interested, you do need to allow yourself plenty of time to complete the reading and the Study Guide.  You are encouraged to take notes as you do your reading, as the Final Exam (taken at the Workshop) is open note.  We recommend allowing 6-9 months to complete your reading and Study Guide.

We just posted the location of the workshops through 2013 on the website.  There has been interest in the workshops being held across the country, but we are not in a position to do that at this time.  We have a whole team of people involved in the training workshops and are not able to shuttle them across the country just yet.  Maybe one day.  In the meantime, Dallas-Ft. Worth is very easy to travel to, and we've tried to make it as affordable as possible. 

The application process is super easy.  Simply fill out your application.   After approval, pay your deposit (or full price for a discount), get your login for the Instructor website, download your Study Guide, and get to work!  Our certification team is awesome and is available for questions at

See you at the Workshop!


Mary said...

I'm interested in becoming a natural childbirth instructor. I've done it myself twice now, and I really think women deserve the education to let them start off their motherhood the way God designed it! Could you comment a little bit about the differences between Birth Boot Camp and the Bradley Method? I took a Bradley class with my first pregnancy and had a fine experience; I'm just trying to figure out which might be a better fit for me as an instructor.

Mary said...

Oops, and fathers too! How could I leave them out?!?

Jules said...

Definitely interested in this! I had a beautiful natural birth but have only been breast feeding for 5 months. Hoping to go over a year and am planning to apply to be a Birth Boot Camp Instructor then!

Banned From Baby Showers said...

Mary, I'm going to direct you to the post I wrote the weekend we launched Birth Boot Camp about why I left Bradley after 9 years.

Birth Boot Camp incorporated a number of topics that are relevant to today's couples. Chiropractic care, belly mapping, massage therapy, babywearing, etc. More than just topics, however, delivery is everything! We utilize the internet and provide links and resources to related topics, not only for the students, but for instructors. We have tried to keep the costs down and make training affordable and easy and fun. We are aware that most of our instructors are stay at home moms, wanting to make a difference in their communities and make a little money to boot!

Like my husband always says, Bradley doesn't own natural childbirth. Birth Boot Camp will take natural childbirth into the mainstream with contemporary resources, materials, and workshops.

We want to be a resource to you as you expand your wings to teach the families in your community. It is a big decision, and I hope you you'll consider becoming a Birth Boot Camp Instructor. We are always happy to answer any questions you have. Wishing you much success on your journey.


Banned From Baby Showers said...

Jules, you just keep nursing that baby and we'll be talking to you a few months down the road!

KrispyPotatoChip said...

Love that your material is up to date. I'm a Bradley instructor who has recommended your online workshop to busy friends. I've been watching things closely since you revealed your new curriculum and I'm excited to see where this will go in the future!

Can you tell me how your instructors will obtain clients? Do they market themselves or will they be listed on a national website?

Banned From Baby Showers said...

Hello KrispPotatoChip! Thanks for the referrals! Let it be said that I am NOT trying to steal Bradley teachers and convert them to become Birth Boot Camp instructors! In fact, the Birth Boot Camp curriculum is quite different and would be a big change for many teachers, especially depending on how long they have been teaching.

We are growing very fast, I am happy to say. Our approach to marketing is unique, and you'll learn more about that if/when you come to training. If you've been on our website, you can see that we have a directory of instructors that will continue to grow after each workshop. We are also encouraging instructors to link to their sites for class schedules. We are helping in that process if needed.

Instructors will always do better if they are out in their birth community networking with other birth professionals, no matter what they teach. My classes are always full, but less than half the people sitting in my classes were from the website. They were referrals from friends or midwives or doulas. We also have a strong Birth Network in our community, so I always met a lot of (future) students there. We talk about this in training as well. So, to answer your question, yes, we have some really cool national advertising in the works and are working to get approved by various associations as a recognized CBE program. The instructors also need to get out in their community and get involved!

Please do not hesitate to ask any more questions.


Jules said...

Donna, "Jules"^^ was me! :)

Julia West