Monday, April 2, 2012

What's in a Name?

It's a tough thing to name a baby.  Their identity is wrapped up in his/her name forever.  The responsibility is huge.  If you missed the post from last week, I've given birth!  Our baby's name is Birth Boot Camp!

A brief recap:  Birth Boot Camp is a 10-week online childbirth education course and we'll also be training instructors to teach live classes.  The curriculum is modern and relevant, no matter where you are planning to give birth.

There have been a lot of questions this week about where the name came from.

First, we wanted a name that let people know this is not a fluffed up class.  It will be hard work and you'll come out stronger on the other side of it. 

Second, we wanted dads to know this class is for them too. Our branding and color schemes were created with him in mind.  He plays a crucial role in the pregnancy, labor, and birth -- even if he doesn't know it yet!

And third, this course is about natural birth.  In fact, after many hours of debate, the Birth Boot Camp Board established the importance of an instructor having had a natural birth in order to teach others how to have a natural birth. 

Rest assured, there are no whistles or push-ups involved, although we did run with the military theme for the names of the classes:

Defining the Mission:  Why Natural Birth?

P.T. & Chow:  Physical Training and Nutrition

Setting Up Camp: Choosing Where to Birth
 Chain of Command:  Who is in Charge of Your Birth?

Countdown to "D" Day
Deployment:  Baby on the Move

Supporting Arms:  Mom's Most Important Ally

Cadence:  The Sights and Sounds of Natural Childbirth

The Fog of War:  Keeping a Clear Head in Labor

The Plan of Attack:  Establishing Your Priorities and Making a Plan
Mission Accomplished!   The Immediate Postpartum Period

Life With a New Recruit

Check out more about the classes here.  While we like to think the names are catchy, there is so much more behind them besides being wickedly clever.  

If you want a natural birth, we will help you get there.  We'll do our part and you do yours!  Welcome to BIRTH BOOT CAMP!


Regina said...

Oh, I LOVE the name and all the themey-ness!! I saw that a couple people commented about it sounding harsh, but I love it! Having a natural birth (these days, anyway) is absolutely something you have to train for. You have to be determined and have a plan. With all the odds against you with most doctors in most hospitals, it doesn't just happen 'naturally'.

I have a very dear friend that wanted a natural birth. She didn't want to psych herself out and she just wanted to let things happen. Well, she just gave birth and (obviously) had every intervention other than surgery along with a very difficult recovery and some really scary events postpartum. She is now dealing with emotional issues because of it.

With so many available "options" for giving birth you really have to
be ready and determined and prepared and take it seriously. I bet Birth Boot Camp could get you there! I love it!

Also I SO agree about having updated videos. It is so nice to see that normal people in our time are wanting to birth naturally! It is not some feminist, granola, weird thing!! Like you say, EVERYBODY can and should birth naturally. :)

Samantha said...

Congrats on the book, you SHOULD be WAY proud!! I have a question, I recently heard a statistic on the news about how the austism rate here in Utah has jumped significantly in the last 10 years...and I think we all see the rising trend across the U.S. as well. I have serious doubts about a connection between autism and immunizations-but have there been any studies done about other connections? Like autism being linked to pitocin? Or linked to the drugs found in epidurals? Or other common delivery medications? It just makes me wonder, considering the huge surge in women scheduling their inductions or c-sections in the last 10 years of so. I'm going to research it myself, but I wasn't sure if you had seen anything. As a natural birth advocate, I think there may be a connection that many people are not willing to research or even publicize due to 'unpopularity', but I know you have no problem publicizing that stuff! Thanks!

Janie said...

Samantha - here is one study on the possible link between pitocin and autism:

Kiera said...
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Kiera said...

Donna's Birth Boot Camp videos are awesome! I can't say enough about them. My husband and I both work a lot, so it would have been impossible to attend regularly scheduled childbirth classes in our town. Being able to watch the videos together in our spare time is an absolute blessing. We look forward to "movie night" and can't wait for our little one to arrive - 6 more weeks! We are really looking forward to putting our knowledge to the test.

Thanks Donna for your expertise, fun attitude and relaxed learning environment! I've been bragging about Birth Boot Camp to all my friends -- hope I can spread the word in North Central Florida!

Many thanks,