Monday, March 26, 2012

Bye-Bye Bradley (TM)! Hello BIRTH BOOT CAMP!

I've been writing this post in my head for weeks, deciding how I want to share this exciting news.

 If you read my blog, you probably know that I have taught Bradley (TM) classes for nearly a decade.  It's given me a great foundation and I am so grateful for the opportunities I've had to teach hundreds of couples over the years about natural childbirth.  It is well known that I had my classes on DVD and had couples all over the world participate in my extensive class.  In my humble opinion, the class was thorough, but not professionally filmed or edited.  The information got out there and met a very real need for couples around the world.  Each year, my DVDs have gotten more popular.  I've been to the post office nearly every day for the last couple of years.   It was time to move on and make classes more accessible.

I have no interest in tearing down The Bradley Method (TM), but simply, things need to be updated.   I must admit, I longed for updated videos, workbooks, and handouts, just like my students.  My class evolved over the years into something that was uniquely my own.   Frankly, it was time to leave and write my own curriculum.

I am incredibly blessed with a team of women to work with, each having a unique skill-set and having an appreciation for each others' strengths.  We have created a new childbirth education program called Birth Boot Camp.  It includes online classes and also live, instructor-led classes.  I'm dying to tell you all about it:

First, the online classes are what inspired the program in the beginning.  I hired a professional videographer, Ceci of Ceci-Jane Photography (you've all seen her birth videos) to record and edit my newly written curriculum.  My live classes are peppered with birth stories that illustrate my points on various topics.  Instead of me telling the stories, you'll hear from the couples themselves, as it's all edited into the classes.  We also interviewed several professionals on various topics, including chiropractic care, doulas, massage therapy, fitness, and you'll hear from several midwives throughout the 10-week series.  It's childbirth education -- documentary-style!  These professionals, and many more, have contributed to the completeness of the Birth Boot Camp curriculum.

As I shared the curriculum with select individuals, there was excitement.  Some of these women had been searching for a good, solid curriculum and organization to certify with, but for numerous reasons, they didn't feel like a good fit.  Until Birth Boot Camp.   Sparing you all the details, we decided to give women the opportunity to certify with Birth Boot Camp and become natural childbirth educators themselves.   The response has been overwhelming and we are humbled -- and excited!  If you would like to bring Birth Boot Camp to your community, the above link will tell you everything you need to know.

I roped in some pretty great people to help me, including someone you might recognize.  Sarah Clark, author of Mama Birth, has been an integral part of the program.  In fact, she even wrote all the relaxation exercises!   She will be at the workshops, teaching new instructors tips and games for their classes.  Our Board is diverse and well- rounded.

Together, we created a 130-page Field Manual that comes with each class. In addition, every couple that takes a Birth Boot Camp class -- live or online -- will receive a Breastfeeding DVD, recorded by lactation consultant, Mellanie Sheppard, entitled "Breastfeeding:  The Ultimate MRE". 

Oh yeah!  And we have current birth videos! 

For more information, check out the Class Descriptions to find out more about what Birth Boot Camp teaches.  We are running an introductory offer until May 1 (Tim McGraw's birthday) of $200 for the online classes.

Currently, live classes are being booked in CA, OK, and TX.  Check with your instructor on her prices.

Keep up with what we are doing at the Birth Boot Camp Facebook page.  If you would like more info about Birth Boot Camp, visit our website or contact us here


Monica said...

This is so exciting! Way to go, Donna!

Kippy said...

Sooo excited about this Donna! Woo hoo!

Meagan said...

d"Breastfeeding: The Ultimate MRE" Love that! It's so true! :)

Anonymous said...

This is greatness! I'm over the moon excited for the moms to be out there! Job well done ladies!

Regina said...

Wow Donna!!! This is so awesome! Congratulations!! I briefly clicked around on the website (just from my phone--while breastfeeding! Haha!!) but it looks so great. Can't wait to check everything out!

Shannon said...

This is very exciting! You are right about needing an updated childbirth class. I loved Bradley, but I bet I would love birth bootcamp even more! I will tell everyone I know. :)

V. Wetlaufer said...

I gotta say...I don't want military metaphors anywhere near birth. That would stress me out SO much to feel like I had a boot camp drill sergeant yelling at me. It makes me tense up just reading it. I'm sure you're wonderful, but It makes me really, really uncomfortable to have military anything near birth. I don't want to think about war when I'm giving birth! Seems SO anti-natural childbirth.

Janie said...

kind of glad someone else said that - Love the format and am very interested in becoming an instructor - but icky on the name. Seems to perpetuate us natural birthers as the "militant" type

And jump on the bandwagon of fitness boot camps like you have to "train" to birth, yes you do technically but birth is a natural process...

I bet that it will appeal to more moms than folks like me who overthink stuff too much

Mama Birth said...

I think the name really appeals to men and gets them on board- my husband simply loved the name. So many methods focus so much on the feminine aspect that guys just are totally uninterested-
So- ask hubby what he thinks! Anything that gets them excited about class is good-