Saturday, February 7, 2015

Birth Boot Camp Class Schedule 2015

Thanks for checking out my class schedule.  I have taught live classes for 13 years and love it!

Tell me about Birth Boot Camp...
Birth Boot Camp is a fabulous, up-to-date program utilizing the internet, current videos, and loads of reliable links whether you are doing online classes or a live class.  The 172-page workbook is contemporary and full of information to help couples along their journey towards natural birth.   Classes run 10 weeks.   Each couple receives their workbook via Priority Mail plus a comprehensive breastfeeding course via download.  If one or both of you needs to miss class, or is due before the last day of class, you can make up up to 4 classes online.  Cost = $300/couple which includes all your materials, not to mention all the fun you can handle!

Because I am super busy running the Birth Boot Camp DOULA and Instructor programs, I'm only teaching Reboot Refresher classes until the Fall.

Sunday night 
MARCH 22, 2015
6:30 - 10:00 PM
$75 - cost includes Refresher booklet

Oh yeah, congratulations on your pregnancy and thanks for inviting me to be a part of this special time in your lives.

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Anonina said...

I had a lovely vaginally birth with an epidural. Twice. No one charged me $200 for any classes. Parenting is hard enought. I do not need a boot camp to follow some sort of unicorn filed idea of what is perfect childbirth is. I breastfed and had no bonding problems. I am tired of fear mongering about hospitals. I had no episiotomy or tears. My HB friends all had sever issues.

timanzel said...

@ Anonina--It's very good to hear that you had 2 lovely epidural births. You seem to be satisfied with what you had, so it is confusing to see you here at a blog written by someone who passionately advocates UNMEDICATED birth. Donna and her classes are here to support and educate those of us who have found little to no support of unmedicated, natural birth.

I am tired of people using words like "fear mongering" to describe a different opinion than their own. It is easy to close a webpage I don't agree with and spend my time and efforts in other positive ways.

God bless the USA where we can have our own ideas and share them! And God bless Donna in all her efforts to advocate birth as a normal, natural process!

Karen Fitzgibbon said...

I wish you could come to Australia to do one of your amazing classes!!
I am pregnant with number three and I'm a believer in there is never too much preparation one can do while pregnant plus you can never learn too much.
The guys that go to your class are so s uper lucky!
Have fun guys :-)

The Quinns said...

Anonina-and you're reading this blog why? And you feel the need to leave a negative comment about the purpose of this blog why? Bc you're so happy with your experiences? That led you to a natural birth blog? Nothing on here is fear mongering about anything except being uninformed. Glad everything worked out well for you but again-you're on here being rude why? I'm so confused...

Midwife International said...

Thank you, Donna, for fulfilling an international need of more educational around natural birth. We work to do the same at Midwife International by training midwives equipped to work in resource-constrained regions where maternal and child mortality is high and the need for professional midwives is greatest. For more information, please visit:

Thank you and best wished in your Boot Camp adventures!

Midwife International

Amanda Holmmes said...

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