Monday, February 13, 2012

Colloidal Silver, Ionic Silver, or Nano-Silver -- Your Questions Answered

As promised, here is the guest blog post by Dr. Betsy Taylor of Grand Prairie, TX.  She is a member of the Tarrant County Birth Network and I've heard her speak on chiropractic and also on nutrition and taking care of the body.  She has been the Silver "guru" I've gone to with all my questions.

My personal experience with the ASAP Silver has been this:  no one in my family has been on antibiotics since starting the Silver one-and-a-half years ago.  I have not used my inhaler since starting the silver.  We've used it for sore throats, coughs, ears, eyes, and generally when anyone starts feeling sick, we start taking our Silver.  I am a believer.  I hope you find the answer to your questions.  Thank you, Dr. Taylor, for helping us understand how we can use Silver to promote health and well being in our own families.

"I am a Doctor of Chiropractic so I need to do this disclaimer: the following is not intended as a substitute for the advice and or/medical care of your physician, nor is it meant to discourage or dissuade you from the advice of your physician.

As I researched material for this post, I was really shocked to find so much controversy. But in reality, I am not surprised.  Big Pharma cannot make money from the therapeutic use of silver so the 'powers that be' debunk it. The FDA supports the government's and the pharmaceutical's stand - doesn't work, can hurt you, no safety studies, no science - you see where I am going. The same blah, blah, blah they spout over other natural, healing therapies. If we claim that silver "cures", then the FDA classifies it as a 'drug' and it then must be tested and controlled by them with standardization, quality control, and extensive medical testing.

Silver is already used in the medical world in silver nitrate - used in newborn's eyes to prevent infection; and in silver sulfadiazine - used in dressings for burns to prevent infections. NASA uses it for water purification. Therefore, when you look at the current accepted uses, you can easily see what it can be used for - an antimicrobial - microbes being bacteria, viruses, fungus. Studies show that it works. You can research these online. 

Silver is a metal and a mineral.(1)   It can be toxic under certain circumstances and can be therapeutic under certain circumstances.   My intent here is to help you know the difference. Silver has been used throughout history for therapeutic measures. I'll let you do the research on that too.

For purposes of this article, I will be referring to nutritional tissue deficiencies that allow sickness, and how introducing the proper kind of silver may improve your health.

Most of you will be familiar with the term colloidal silver or ionic silver. Colloidal refers to the size and suspension in water, and ionic refers to the positive charge of the particle. It is the size of the particle that makes it usable in the tissues, and the positive charge that makes it a germicide/antimicrobial.  This type of silver can be made at home. However, here is where the problems arise.

As with most chemistry, all parts of the procedure must be correct. If not, there can be problems. I am sure you have heard of the 'blue man' whose skin and gums turned blue from ingesting silver. The truth behind this is that he made his own, and took mega doses for a long time. His homemade silver was improperly made resulting in particles that were too large which joined with other particles in his water. These compounds were then deposited in his tissues. True, pure, properly prepared silver does not do this. Therefore, I do not recommend making your own. But I do recommend knowing how and having the equipment on hand in case the FDA ever takes it away from us. Just do it properly.

Science and chemistry aside, let's get to the questions!

How does it work? The chemical reaction when the silver particles come in contact with microbes causes cell death. Silver is then eliminated from the body via normal elimination routes. Studies show it does not affect good cells - a major difference with antibiotics! Nor does it appear to result in silver-resistant strains of microbes. Nature is just too smart for that. The way antibiotics (toxic chemicals) work on the microbes has enabled these critters to 'mutate' and become drug resistant. Interaction with natural silver particles is a different mechanism, so no mutations.

Is it safe? Yes. Properly prepared silver products are non-toxic. The silver is utilized and then eliminated just like extra calcium, magnesium, zinc, etc. They are also non-allergenic, unless you are allergic to silver, then you would avoid it. To test - place a small drop on a tiny band-aid and place on the wrist overnight - if there is a skin reaction - avoid it. Again, silver compounds (like silver nitrate or silver sulfadiazine) should only be used while strictly following directions specifically for that product. Do not confuse those products with colloidal silver. In the homeopathic world there are reported possible side effects, so I would not use silver with homeopathic medications. These possible side effects are not life-threatening or even dangerous, but it is sensible to avoid the combination. The only toxicity problem I found was the blue tint to tissues known as argyria - rare and self-induced. There is a small chance you can have a healing crisis or an increase in symptoms while healing also. With regards to children - if you would take it yourself you might choose to give it to your children. With regards to pregnancy - I would not recommend it. Overall, just be sensible - even water can be toxic or beneficial to your health.  Please research the safety studies.

The official definition of heavy metal poisoning is:
“Any functional or morphologic change in the kidney produced by an ingested, injected, inhaled, or absorbed drug, chemical, or biologic agent.”
You would be wise to check out this truthful record of the real causes of heavy metal poisoning. The most correct and widely accepted authority on the subject is the professional tome of “MERCK Manual Of Diagnosis And Treatment”. Now in its 17th edition, page 1880 of the manual gives the complete list of heavy metals that can cause heavy metal poisoning. While this list does include several beneficial metals like copper and iron that are found in everyday vitamins, metallic silver is not listed in any of its forms. It isn’t like this is some sudden new discovery and silver just has not yet been added to the list in some future 18th edition printing. No error has been made here; natural silver solution products do not cause heavy metal poisoning! Silver is not on the list because it is not, nor ever was a cause of this infliction. (2)

How do I use it? The first time I was introduced to and used colloidal silver I placed it straight in my eyes. I had cellulitis for 10 days and it cleared it up 100% within 36 hours. I therefore am not afraid to use it at all. It can be used topically on the skin, sprayed up the nose, drops in the ears, and held in the mouth for absorption, then swallowed. Most products have no taste so it is easy to ingest. If it must be mixed with fluids or gels it will still work, but may be somewhat less effective. Again, use of this product is to fight invaders and increase the ability of tissues to heal.

What is the dosage?
That depends on the situation. I would follow the directions on the bottle for mild, double for moderate, and saturate for 2-3 days for severe. When I saturate, I take 1 tsp. every waking hour.  After doing additional research for this article, and with my experience with silver, I do not recommend it every day. (There are some exceptions to this.) I have found it works great when needed for a specific, symptomatic imbalance.

What product do I recommend?
I recommend ASAP Silver by American Biotech Labs.(3)   This is a new 'nano-silver' (SilverSol©) which has multiple modes of action and is effective until eliminated from the body. Regular colloidal silver particles must come in contact with the microbe and then are inactive. The nano-silver particles become part of the structure of the water and therefore do not have to touch the microbe making it faster and more effective. This promotes the action of a balanced and healthy tissue defending itself.  My next recommendation would be Nature’s Sunshine Silver Shield.(4)   It is a colloidal silver.

Herbs, vitamins, minerals, clays, foods, etc. all are natural aids in improving the body's function to heal and be healthier. Silver is just another tool in the toolbox to use. It does an excellent job when used properly."






Our Life With Two Boys said...

i wonder if you can speak to colloidal silver to eliminate GBS in pregnant women? my midwife mentioned to me that she's had the most success eliminating it with colloidal silver (vs. the other remedies you hear of, like garlic cloves, Hibiclens, etc.)... but i've not really found any other sources to confirm it's use for that purpose...

Betsy T said...

You may safely follow your midwife's instructions.

Regina said...

My son had chronic ear infections and was on antibiotics CONSTANTLY!! He has only had two in the past year or so, but I put a couple drops of colloidal silver in his ear and it was gone the next day. That was the purpose for my purchasing it, so I have yet to use it for anything else.

Is there a reason you recommend certain brands? I bought mine at GNC. It is Mbi.

Betsy T said...

I have the most experience with these 2 brands. Others will/may work, but I cannot vouch for the standardization or quality control. In addition, the new type - nanosilver - is faster and more effective in my opinion. Also, there is a 30 ppm (parts per million) you can purchase from a healthcare provider - label - HealthMax 30. 10 ppm you can purchase yourself from the company.

Sara said...

I have never taken it, but the last time my husband had a sinus infection I went to the health food store and was given colloidal silver. His infection cleared up in just a few days and he went over a year without another one, which is really amazing for him! I am a total believer in the effectiveness of this treatment, and I'll probably go get some next time I feel something coming on :)

The advantage to it as a treatment for men, I think, is that it's "cool" to drink metal! My husband generally doesn't go along with my homeopathic treatments, but he really liked taking the silver.

Liz said...

Do you know if this sliver solution is safe to drink they said they wre from the same company as American biotech The new sliver solution.

Liz said...

Do you know if this sliver solution is safe to drink? The said thewere american biotech made a special patented solution for them.

mattiejill said...

So my grandson is 11 months old and has been diagnosed with whooping cough. Our herbalist recommended this for him. 1/2 tsp, three times/day. What do you think!

Betsy T said...


Betsy T said...


Kussum Leadford said...

My three year old has had mrsa. He was treated with antibiotics. It cleared but he has still been getting small boils 1-2 every few months. I've been treating it with manuka honey and blending garlic in a smoothie. We see a homeopathic/ chiropractor but he didnt recommend colloidal silver. He put him on immune booster drops, Probiotics, vitamins, protein drink, and fish oil. Its hard to get him to consume these things everyday. Can I use the silver orally and topically. What would be the dosage and should I not use it with vitamins and the other things?

Unknown said...

What aboutcolloidal silver Atoms?
There is a company that sells colloidal silver from 20 PPM to 18,000 PPM, they claim to have the smallest particle size (atoms) the highest ppm, and 100% guaranteed not to have chemicals. Our of curiosity I bought a bottle of 3000 PPM and to me it worked perfectly, within 3 days the filmy frothy feeling from Candida left! I would like to hear more about what other people have experienced.

John Dudley said...

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sara wickenden said...

Can I use colloidal silver on my c section incision to help it heal and stop infection?

Eva Antoniou said...

Never use more than 20ppm as itwill give u argyria.its is not true that the more ppm the stronger silver it is. So far is reccomended to use for drinking maximum of 14-15ppm,for the eyes and animals 8-10 and for plants 2ppm.
Do not take long periods and as long u take it,msximum a month that long also have a break so silver particles has time to go out from body.also if u go sunbathing make sure u didnt take silver for pas 3 days.

Unknown said...
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Craigster said...

According to my favorite site,, the only safe colloidal silver is that you make yourself, here are instructions:

It's not as hard as it sounds, you just need 3 9 volt batteries, some distilled water, a big jar, 2 pure silver bars (they are currently about $25 each and will last forever), and some wires with alligator clips that you can get at Radio Shack.

A lot of colloidal silver on the market is either (a) expensive water or (b) manufactured the quick (wrong) way which may cause Argyria.

Betsy T said...

American Biotech Lab (Nanosilver) is very reputable. I would only make my own if I could not get some from a reputable company. I have also used Nature's Sunshine colloidal with great results.

wicklinefam said...

For our son, We used it directly on the MRSA BUMP/boil and a little orally a couple times a day. It was gone in 24-36 hours.

Atomico said...

I am amazed at how well colloidal silver 3000 to 18000 PPM works! It actually has atomic size particles instead of the usual nanoparticle product that are out there in the market, can be 200 million times larger than a single atom. My experience with this product was with a distant cousin that had Tuberculosis, in 3 months it disappeared. Then my dad had diabetic foot ulcers (ugly!) After 4 months of using colloidal silver 4000 PPM they started healing, and now they are completely gone, the pain in his feet has also diminished. Then of course there are the usual seasonal flu’s, that I have seen dissipate with in 3 day after using the product. I High recommend this company

courtany sharp said...

Question. I am breast feeding exclusivly and my whole family is sick but me. I have silver suspension and was wondering if it is ok to take via the firections on bottle? My pedi is big pharma all the way and i like the natural route. Iz it ok to take while breast feeding?

Atomico said...

Courtany, we are all borne with silver in our bodies anyways. Unless you allergic or your family has a history of methemoglobinemia. I would not worry about it. Because babies are involved you need to use Atomic Particle Colloidal Silver 500 PPM. Atoms can be millions of times smaller than nanoparticles.

Nanoparticles can get stuck in the liver and kidneys.

So, I absolutely recommend the smallest particle colloidal silver and there is only one company that provides it:

Allison Mishen said...

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Unknown said...

Can you drink it in water through out the day while breastfeeding

Atomico said...

I suppose that would depend on which product you are talking about, if its Ionic or nanoparticle products, definitely a no. If it is 100% natural high ppm atomic particle colloidal silver yes. But why would you want to continuously drink it throughout the day, you may not need very much to stop what is affecting you.

While Atomic Particle Colloidal Silver (it has the smallest particle size in the world) comes in 500 to 18,000 PPM it is very safe because it never exceeds the minimum RDA, this due mainly to the super tiny particle size can be hundreds of thousands of time smaller than the typical nanoparticle. This means it cannot get trapped in your organs. When the nutritional values are all used up, it gets expelled by the body along with 30, billion dead cells that have also lost their lifespan.

What I have seen people do and use that Atomic Particle Colloidal Silver 3 times per day, 1/2 Ounce morning, noon and night, and they used it to stop Lyme and other serious diseases.

I have also seen a person take 10,000 PPM and drink a whole half bottle with no problems, and their Herpes sore was gone the next day.

It all depends on what you are dealing with.

Kirsten Mills said...

I have mastitis and someone recommended heritage store colloidal silver salve applied directly to the nipple, is this safe while nursing a newborn?

Atomico said...

It all depends on the type of colloidal silver you buy. The smaller the particle size, the easier it can penetrate right through the skin.

The best particle size for penetration is Atomic Size particles. Colloidal silver 3000 to 6000 PPM would work great! It is 100% natural and contains NO harmful chemicals that could affect your baby.

Silver atoms can be 100,000's of thousands of times smaller than a typical nanoparticle., so they can penetrate at the cellular level, why nanoparticles cannot.

Nanoparticle colloidal silver particles are too large to do that which is why some people recommend adding DMSO, which can be a bit dangerous if not administered properly.

Atomic Particle Colloidal Silver is relatively new to the market place (11 Years) compared to the Low PPM Colloidal Silver Industry. You can learn more about Atomic Particle Colloidal Silver here:

Amber said...

I’ve used sovereign silver because my whole family has the flu but me. I’m also exclusively breastfeeding. Should I try another type?