Monday, December 26, 2011

The Designated Hitter

Now batting, the Designated Hitter, David Ryan.

Merry Christmas to one and all! I'm Donna's husband and am posting for Donna this week. I just read some of the requests on the Facebook page and will try my best to address some of the topics listed. (I just can't get over how every group seems to develop their own set of acronyms. I noticed one that was used was DH -- which to me, a rabid baseball fan, means "Designated Hitter".  I'm pretty sure that was not the intended use, but I decided to go with it anyway.)

Christmas can be a wonderful time of year full of tradition, both good and bad.  Traditions are pretty powerful -- especially when it comes to family.  We do things because of tradition. It's the way we've always done things and we like it that way! Like cutting both ends off of a pot roast before cooking it because that's the way mom showed me how to do it. (Anyone not heard that story before?)

I thought the theme of traditions would tie a couple of the requested topics together.

A few of you wanted to get a "male perspective" on circumcision. I don't hunt or follow NASCAR -- but I do have a penis. For purposes of full disclosure (don't worry -- no photos will be posted), I am circumcised.  I wasn't circumcised for religious purposes.  I am a Christian and have learned from my study of the scriptures that circumcision is not necessary per Christ's teachings.  So why was I circumcised?  Tradition.  I've never discussed the issue with my mother or my father.  I have to admit that I don't even know for sure if my father is circumcised.  I assume he was because that's just the way things were done.

We have a son.  We chose not to circumcise him because we did not see a reason to do so.  We broke away from tradition to what I believe is a better way.  Why wouldn't I want my son to be better off than me?  Was I worried about the "Jock Kingdom" mocking him in the showers? No. Did it bother me that his penis wouldn't look like my penis? No. In fact, I proactively avoid showing anyone in my family my penis (with the exception of Donna). 

I've heard all of the pro-circumcision rationales and the only one that makes any sense to me is religious in nature.  Covenants with God I understand.  Concerns about Junior's penis being intact while Daddy is circumcised I don't get. Pot roast.

Tradition plays a huge role in how we choose to give birth.  With our first, Donna wanted an epidural and didn't care to learn anything more about giving birth.  We toured the hospital, took a hospital class, and would have ended up with a C-section had it not been for my sister Tamara.  We were fortunate.

Initially, Donna didn't care because that's just the way women have babies.  They go to the hospital and let the doctors do the rest. That's the way it is done. Pot roast. There is a much better way.

Well, I think that does it for me. Happy New Year everybody! I am hungry for some pot roast.



Maegan said...

Just a quick interjection - if your father had military service anytime between 1900 & the 50s he was probably circumcised, even if he wasn't at the time of his birth. Carry on...

*Jess* said...

My husband is circumcised, but feels the same way about it that you do. It doesn't bother him that he's circ'ed, but when it came to our son, it just didn't seem necessary.

youngsjess said...

My husband is also circumcised, and he feels the same way too. His reply to remarks like "If Daddy is, son should be too!" and "My husband is circumcised and says it best, and HE has a penis so I trust him." is simple. He says: "I didn't have a choice in whether or not I was circumcised. Why should I circumcise my son JUST because someone else did it to me? And how would *I* know if it's better? I actually sometimes wonder what it would be like if I had my foreskin. I have no idea which is better! But it's his, and I see no reason to cut it off just because someone cut mine off!" Indeed....

Samantha said...

What a great post, you are an excellent writer! Excellent insight on the topic, for sure. I don't think I would have circ'd my son, had my husband not been so insistent. :/

Laura: The Sushi Snob said...

My husband is circumcised and doesn't have any hard feelings about it (his mother actually had semi-decent reasons for it, at the time), but I didn't have a hard time convincing him to see my side. After I did the research, I just said, "Honey, I don't want to circumcise our sons." To which he replied, "Okay, we won't circumcise." Crisis averted :)

We are expecting our first in March, and it's a girl, but I'm glad we've already decided on the circumcision issue :)

John Correia said...

As a fellow "designated hitter," you've definitely hit a four-sacker with this post. (ladies, go ask your husband if you're not a baseball fan!) We are in the same boat as far as this goes...I'm circumcised but we chose to leave our son intact because then he can make the decision for himself.

Your Birth Coach Dr. Nancy said...

I love that you don't even know if your father is circ'd or not. That, right there, debunks the idea that the son needs to look like father. How many boys look at their dad's penis long enough to make a conscious judgement of whether or not their penises look alike. OK maybe when you are 2 years old but at that age they really don't care.

Here are my thoughts on circumcision.