Monday, September 26, 2011

My SIL Has a Cool New Blog

My sister-in-law, Tamara, started a blog this summer called Mess-Cipes:  Inspiration for Early Childhood and if you have little ones at home, you will LOVE it!  She has always been super creative and good with kids.  This idea has been over a decade in-the-making, as her youngest child is now 18!

Some of the different topics include:  


Sorry for the super short blog post today, but I wanted to steer you over to Tamara's blog (Yes, the is the same SIL that was a doula and saved me from a c-section with my first baby.  Read the story here.)  

I hope you take some great ideas from Mess-Cipes and have fun with your kids!

BOLD Fort Worth was awesome, in case you were wondering.  The play was so well done and I think everyone laughed and cried, but most importantly walked away having a better understanding of their options in childbirth.  The Birth & Family Expo was so much fun and the vendors and silent auction were great!  Thanks to all those that volunteered and participated.  I have spent the day resting.  I hope they have too!  Now life resumes to normal, right?

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Anonymous said...

I ABSOLUTELY love her blog!!! Seriously, she is a wealth of creative knowledge. I can't wait to try some of her recipes or until Jos is old enough to do some of the art projects. Thanks for sharing!