Monday, July 18, 2011

The Poo-la Post

I am on vacation -- just saw Tim McGraw for the 14th time tonight -- and I'm typing this on my iPhone in the dark. I'm working on a great post, but it's obviously not going to happen tonight! Just thought I'd share a funny little story from a few weeks ago...

My grandmother died at age 59 of colon cancer, so it has been suggested that our family members start colonoscopies at 40 years of age. I went in this April for my first one.

My husband went with me, of course. I've probably mentioned this before, but if I could only use one word to describe David, the word would be clever.

We were sitting in the waiting room, surrounded by people much older than us, and he starts quietly telling me that he thinks I should "go all natural," embracing the experience of the colonoscopy. He starts telling me that I don't need the drugs. He even says he'll be my poo-la.

By the time the nurse came back to get me I was laughing so hard I was crying. She thought I was afraid of the procedure.

Just so you know, it was a piece of cake, and because I know you are wondering, I don't have to go back until I'm 50! Woo-hoo!


Heather said...

LOL, too funny. My grandma is a GI nurse and does hers unmedicated. She even "assisted" the doc the last time she had one!

Lvly Rita said...

That's hilarious! and I'm happy that you got the "all clear" :)