Monday, March 28, 2011

Look What TCBN is Doing NOW!


Fear not!  You did not miss the vaccination meeting for the Tarrant County Birth Network!  It is this Thursday, March 31.  We moved our meeting place and day so there has been some confusion.  Please check the TCBN website for details.  Just a reminder though:  Meetings will be held on the last Thursday of the month, not the fourth Thursday.  There are a few more of those this year, too.

We are expecting a large turnout for this next meeting.  Drs. Jim Bob and Cindy Haggerton will be addressing us on vaccinations.   There is so much conflicting information out there and I think a lot of us are quite confused.  Our pediatricians, and family doctors, are telling us one thing, but we've all read enough resources to know that there are potential risks associated with vaccinations.  This is a great meeting to bring your husband, but again, as always, lap babies only.  Thanks so much for your cooperation.  No one has put up a fuss over this "rule" and we know it is an inconvenience for many of you.  We appreciate so many of our TCBN dads that stay home and put kids to bed so moms can attend our monthly meetings.


I put this up here on my blog a few weeks ago but didn't say much about it.  Have you studied our logo?  Have you figured out what it is?  Yes!  It's a placenta!  Our producer of BOLD Fort Worth and TCBN Chapter Leader, Shannon Blackwell, has a bit-of-an-odd obsession with placentas and she came up with this logo.  We all love it so much, we are printing the cutest black fitted tees!  Visit our website to buy one for yourself!

The Art of Birth is a mixed media art and performance show, in addition to spoken birth stories.  Come see birth photography, belly casts, sculpture, henna, live art, and dance -- all celebrating this life-changing event called birth.  

The t-shirts will be available for purchase the day of the event, as well as a book TCBN is printing consisting of birth  stories of women who have birth in and around Tarrant County.  Let us know if you'd like to make the book available to your friends or clients by emailing us at

The Art of Birth will take place on Saturday, April 30 from 11:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.  It is a free event being held at the Fort Worth Community Arts Center at 1300 Gendy Street, Fort Worth 76107. 

If you have birth-related artwork you would like to display, please contact BOLD Forth Worth at  Likewise, if you'd like to share your birth story, please contact us at the same email or call (682) 710-BOLD.

We are looking forward to sharing with the community how wonderful birth can be though The Art of Birth.  See you there!

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Mam said...

You question vaccinating? YAY!!! I've given most of them to my kids, but after thinking carefully about it. I'm not sure I'd give as many as I did in the early days to my older kids, I know more now than I did then. Meeting an American actually helped with that...she had been really scared of Chickenpox before she came to live here in the UK, because she said where she came from everyone was vaccinated against it and it was thought of as a dreadful disease that can kill you. Here we don't vaccinate against that one and are all expected to get it and only a tiny few die, just googled, 28 deaths in my country in 2008, out of what, 65 million people? apparently 100 000 of us Brits die each year due to smoking, 4000 from flu, 190 from Gastroenteritis and 3000 from accidents in the home.

This got me thinking - if my friend because of her culture thought that chickenpox was so deadly when the statistics don't bear that out, how many of the things my kids are routinely vaccinated against are actually not as serious as I'm led to believe? It's hard to get a true picture because some of them are virtually irradicated here, there are only data from third world countries where people are already malnourished when they catch the illness then their healthcare isn't as freely available as ours.

Just googling chickenpox deaths and some of the 28 are extremely distressing stories, but interestingly, shouldn't have led to death in the first place, it was complacency of the hospital staff with chickenpox being 'not serious'. this little boy could probably have been saved. Training of health professionals and common sense rather than bombarding our kids with yet more vaccinations seems appropriate. If that particular child's eczema was as serious as they say I don't think injecting him with chickenpox vaccine would be such a crash hot idea either really. I feel desperately sad for that family but I like to think I wouldn't have walked away back home with a child in the state he's in in the photo, and the behaviour of the HPs is shocking.

What I can't stand is when parents are put under pressure to vaccinate but not given accurate information about the risks. Or when the parents don't bother to think about it. Question everything.