Monday, November 8, 2010

TCBN Meeting this Week -- Newborn Testing & Procedures including Circumcision

This Thursday, November 11th, is our monthly Tarrant County Birth Network meeting.  We meet on the Texas Wesleyan campus in the Sid Richardson building on the 2nd floor from 7:00-9:00 pm.   We invite all expectant couples to come learn about newborn testing and procedures, no matter where you are planning to give birth. 

We are excited to hear from Christy Martin, a member of TCBN and Certified Professional Midwife, speaking on newborn procedures under her care either in a birth center or your home.  We will also hear from a nurse from one of Tarrant County's hospitals as to what to expect with newborn testing and the different procedures that take place when the baby is born in the hospital.  When do these things take place?  Why is it done?  Are they optional?  Come find out.

We strongly encourage fathers-to-be to come to this meeting this week.  Very often, it is the dad who is with the baby at this very important time, and we want him to be informed about what is being done to his baby.

In addition, we will have a great discussion about circumcision at this meeting.  Again, I hope you'll encourage the men in your life to attend this meeting.  So often, brand new parents just go along with tradition -- testing, bottle feeding, immediate cord clamping, eye ointment, vaccinations, and of course, circumcision -- because they simply don't have the information about why these things are being done. You may find that one or both of you is not okay with certain procedures.   It's a lot for mom to have to go home and explain all this information to her husband, so just bring him with you!  Then, the two of you will be able to make informed decisions in regards to your newborn.

Last month, it was so fun to have all the babies and toddlers at our Babywearing meeting.  With all the kiddos, we had 75 people in attendance!  This month, however, we are back to our usual request:  Please only bring immobile lap-babies.  We hope that expectant couples can get the information they are looking for, and sometimes it gets quite noisy!  (Remember what it was like before you had children!)  I am on the prowl this week for a microphone for future meetings, so that will help tremendously. 

Just a reminder, it's only $25 for a Consumer Membership and there are some fantastic benefits offered by our Professional Members if you are a member of TCBN (pick up a Resource Guide to check them out). You can join online.  Thanks for your support of TCBN and Mother-Friendly maternity care.  See you Thursday.

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