Sunday, December 27, 2009

Another Product I Love

I recently came upon a book titled "25 Ways To Awaken Your Birth Power" and love it. Love it for several reasons. First off, the artwork is beautiful and inspiring. So much so that I ordered one of the prints for my Bradley bathroom that my students use. The quote is mine.

The book comes with a CD of all 25 exercises, read in a soothing Australian accent with pleasant music in the background. Your partner can read it or you can use the CD. I would recommend both.

I love the name of the book. The word "awaken" is what strikes a cord with me. All women have this instinct to give birth, to breastfeed their babies, to nurture their young. Most women, however, do not even know their capabilities. Fear of birth surrounds us in all that we see and hear. Some women know they can give birth naturally, but most, I believe, need to awaken their birth power.

And how about the words "birth power" -- that's what it is -- power. Power from her body, of course, but even more, power from her mind, her heart, her baby, her partner, her doula, her midwife. She becomes more powerful than she ever thought possible during the act of birthing her baby. This power carries her through everything that comes afterward in her life. She will reflect upon the things that she learns about herself during birth throughout her lifetime. Her power and the power that birth gave to her.

If you would like more info on how you can order your own copy, check out Enjoy.

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Genie Elizabeth said...

This looks so great, I will have to get it for next time!