Saturday, August 15, 2009

Google Searches Leading to My Blog

When I check my Google Analytics, it is so fascinating to see how people get to my blog. First of all, I have my blog address on the back of my car with vinyl lettering. I get a lot of traffic from that. People are curious about the title. Someone even asked if I was banned from all such social gatherings -- weddings and the like. Did I have a Texas-sized opinion and couldn't keep my mouth shut? Something like that! David reminds me though, that my "opinions" are based on FACT that are supported by evidence.

But the number one topic that concerned parents have been googling is "ultrasound and autism" and their connection. I am relieved to know that parents are concerned about this and are gathering information before just jumping in. Month after month, it is the number one concern.

Number two, most of the time, is parents trying to find out about the different birthing techniques: Bradley, Lamaze, and Hypnobirthing.

Number three, typically, is "the big baby." As we know, moms are being freaked out by their doctors and told that they "need" c-sections. Again, glad to see that moms (and dads!) are doing some research on the subject. Trust your body!

I also get lots of parents questioning co-sleeping and bed-sharing. It's gotten a lot of publicity over the last year or so, and I suspect that parents are being told that it is not safe. Parents are checking that out. As a former bed-sharer and co-sleeper, I highly recommend it. I miss it terribly -- some of the time!

Lots of questions, also, about breastfeeding and gassy babies. Women are looking for a list of foods NOT to eat while they are breastfeeding. It's on the blog.

Every now and then, I get some really funny things that people have googled, like "how big is too big for a baby shower?" or "how do I manually dilate my cervix?" or "can my husband check my cervix?" I don't check this list too often -- maybe two or three times a month -- just enough to know what parents are researching, and hopefully getting some information they find helpful here.

Someone in India was looking for breastfeeding quotes. I'll leave you with my favorite: "Breastfeeding is a mother's gift to herself, her child, and the Earth."


Brannon and Emily Brock said...

Are in the planning process for another one, within the next few months, we hope! I'm still breastfeeding our one year old, and actually want to stop sometime soon to get a small break before the next go around. Whew! As far as spacing, we want our children to be able to play together HAPPILY! :) What are your thoughts on breastfeeding and pregnancy simultaneously??

Donna Ryan said...

You can do it! You just need to be sure that you are getting enough calories to sustain your toddler and growing pregnancy. That's an EXTRA 800 calories a day. The taste of the milk will often change and some babies don't like that and will wean themselves. As we know, the milk is only a fraction of the reasons that babies nurse!

I had a student a few years ago who got pregnant again pretty quick after the first baby. She wasn't ready to stop nursing the first baby, so she nursed through the pregnancy and tandem-nursed for more than a year. Her second baby stopped nursing before the first!! She is now pregnant with the third, but has no nursing babies!

I feel so strong about the older baby not being deprived of breastfeeding for the sake of the younger one. They will already give up many things, but they should be allowed to be a baby for the amount of time they need.

Congratulations on breastfeeding for a full year. Even though that is the AAP's recommendation, less than 12% of American babies have that privilege. The World Health Organization recommends breastfeeding at least 2 years. Those are my most rewarding breastfeeding relationships -- the ones that I breastfed for more than 2 years.

Sarah said...

Emily - I got pregnant with Hannah will nursing Julia (she was 9 months old). I continued to nurse until Julia was almost 13 months. I wanted to go longer (and could have - I maintain plenty of supply), but my nipples were so sore that I had to stop. They might not have been as sore if Julia didn't literally nurse 8+ times a day - even at a year! I saw go for it!

Donna - I never co-slept with my first, but now find that my second is in my ned more and more overnight. It doesn't really bother me (or my husband), but my biggest concern is: She's not sleeping/napping for very long UNLESS I nurse her down in my bed. If she's in her crib, she'll nap for 30-45 minutes most of the time with an occasional 2 hour nap. This has just been recently, before she was napping quite well in her crib. However, whenever she's in our bed, she sleeps like a rock. Like I said, overnight doesn't bother me, but with a toddler in tow, I can't really be nursing my 2 month old down in my bed during the day. Any thoughts, suggests? My husband wondered if I should put a shirt in the crib with her so she would still have my smell nearby.