Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Nancy and Frank's Birth Photos

Everyone enjoyed the birth stories so much, I thought I'd pass along Nancy's link to see her birth photos. She wanted me to mention a big thanks to her doula, Gina Phillips, who not only took the pictures, but put them to music. A job well done. All couples should have this done for their births.

It's only a couple of minutes, but you'll love it. My favorite is when big sister meets little brother shortly after his birth and she gets a kiss from her Mama. For those of you who have not had a baby at home or attended a homebirth, the midwife is weighing the baby for the first time with a type of hammock. In the hospital, babies are placed on a cold, hard, metal or plastic surface to be weighed. At home, they are snuggled in a sling and rarely cry at this time. Yes, the baby weighed in at 9 pounds, 8 ounces, and Nancy did not tear. (I promise to write about "big" babies soon!)

Just a reminder, Nancy and Frank had the unplanned homebirth. For having an unplanned homebirth, they sure had their ducks in a row, didn't they?


Kate's mommy said...

I love Ann & I love Gina!! What a beautiful photo-montage. Sweet little baby. :)

Christina Pond said...

What powerful pictures! I love the expression on Dad's face at the birth! He looks like he is weeping the best joy a dad could weep! How beautiful!

Christina Pond said...

BTW did they use Gentle Beginnings? Ann?

Donna Ryan said...

Ann was the midwife, but not the planned midwife. The doula called her when she realized they would not be making it to their hospital.