Thursday, February 19, 2009

"Doula" Necklace by Moon Over Maize

Moon Over Maize has made another awesome necklace for the doula that helped you through your birth. What a treasured piece of jewelry to receive as a gift from a client. Or, if you are a doula, flaunt it! It's bound to start conversation and spark interesting conversation. I get to talk about my "homebirth" necklace all the time. Very fun! For more information about the different stones used or to order, click here. She has another variation of the doula necklace too. Check it out.

Rumor has it, I believe, that she is making one for the midwife too. Can't wait to see it.


Scott and Hannah said...

Love it! Been waiting for this exact thing from her!

Kristina said...

Monica does great work.