Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Twins born via VBAC!

I have to share some wonderful news about a friend/former student that just gave birth to twins. Her first birth was a C-section, followed by a VBAC with an epidural. By the time she took my Bradley class, she was on baby number 3. She gave birth, unmedicated, to a baby weighing in at 10 pounds. (The hospital nurses told her she wouldn't be able to make enough milk to feed a baby that big. She took her baby, AMA, out of the hospital because they were insisting on feeding the baby formula. She knew that her body would be able to feed her baby. And so it did!)

She went on to have another unmedicated VBAC. And then she found out she was pregnant with twins! She had a fight on her hands to give birth to her babies, especially since she'd had a previous C-section. Nevermind that she'd had 3 VBACs since then. But, really, how often do we hear of women giving birth to twins vaginally? Never. They just schedule a C-section.

There are a couple of issues that play a role here: positioning of the babies -- particularly baby A (preferably head down), and the medical staff wanting the mom to have medication in her system in case she "needs" a C-section. I am so proud of this mom for sticking to her guns. What a wonderful example she is to this hospital staff. Next time, maybe, they'll think twice about scheduling an unnecessary C-section. Look at the size of those babies! She must have eaten great protein! Congratulations Rebekah. Isn't it amazing what we can do when we set our mind to it and don't let others make decisions for us?

"I had my twins! Andrew was born VBAC at 6lbs 13oz 21inches long and Ammon was born
at 6lbs 15 oz at 20 in long. It was a struggle with my medical staff to get them here VBACbut I made my wishes known and miraculously there were no complications. I will email
the story later, the twins are hungry. (This makes 4 children birthed


Monica said...

That is awesome!!!

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Sarah said...

My sis-in-law gave birth to twins vaginally a year ago, but it was in a very progressive (in a good way!) hospital. Of course, they did "make" her get an epidural in case they'd need to do a c-section and they almost gave her one after the first twin was born. I can't imagine how frustrated I'd be in that case!

I'm so excited to hear VBAC stories, but this one is all-the-more encouraging!

AnonymousAbortionMe said...

Back in the, okay 1986 - this is straight for Oxorn-Foote Human Labor and Birth 5th Ed

*It states - C-sections is NEVER preformed when the presence of twins is the sole indication. The reason for operative delivery is some accompanying complication.

*Twin pregnancy does not impose a special threat to the integrity of a pre-existing low transverse c-section scar.

*Watchful expectancy is the procedure of choice during labor. The best results are obtained when the least interference is employed.

It seems like OBs knew how to handle twins just fine before the insurance companies got involved and started dictating what OBs and hospitals could and couldn't do. These docs knew what we are rediscovering now - that women can deliver twins vaginally successfully even after a c-sections.