Friday, January 2, 2009

Orgasmic Birth on 20/20 Tonight

I just wanted to let anyone who checks my blog today know that the segment on Orgasmic Birth will FINALLY be shown on 20/20 tonight, January 2. I hope it is good. The movie is fantastic, if you have not seen it yet. Visit for more info on the movie.

If you miss it, you can watch the clips online at


Shannon and Casey said...

Oh cool! Thanks, I will be watching!

Alicia said...

Donna, so what did you think about the "re-birth" baby dolls? That was so weird.

Donna Ryan said...

I didn't see it! After letting everyone know, I taught my class and forgot all about it! At the end of class (9:45) we turned it on and saw the last segment on The Business of Being Born. After everyone left, I got online and tried to look up everything I could. I must have missed that one. I'll have to look it up!