Monday, November 24, 2008

Products I Love

I recently ordered a homebirth piece of jewelry -- a necklace. It has the birthstone for each of my homebirth babies dangling from it. I love it. The woman making the jewelry is a homebirth mom of 2. Check out her website: She has other jewelry too, including pregnancy, fertility, and nursing necklaces. She even makes a "Remembrance Necklace" to remember a little one you might have lost.

I got my necklace super fast and am enjoying wearing it, being part of the "1% Club" -- women who give birth at home.

Another product I think is great and all nursing mothers should have is a nursing bra/tank. It will give a breastfeeding mom confidence to breastfeed in public without that silly blanket. (I could never get used to that thing and my babies hated it.) Check out Glamourmom to see their selection of colors. It is an easy site to get around and lots of colors and prints to choose from. You can wear the tank under any of your shirts, or even alone. No skin will be exposed to those passing by. You and your baby will be super comfortable and confident, no matter where you are breastfeeding.

If you decide to purchase, I ask that you use my code, DORY47. For every 3 shirts purchased, I get a free tank/bra. My breastfeeding days, after more than 7 years, are over. I give the tanks to students as prizes for various games, eating great protein in a given week, etc. Thanks for your help in making the day of a pregnant mom!

And yes, this woman does look familiar, doesn't she? It's Myra from "The Business of Being Born" with her sweet little baby. Her birth was so inspiring and wonderful.


Anonymous said...

Two products I love...

The Miracle of Me - a book about life in the womb written from the unborn baby's perspective. It's a child-friendly book that takes the reader on a week by week journey on how the baby grows and develops. It features real in-utero photography and things like rulers and scales so young ones can see the baby's progress. A must have for any parent expecting #2+.

Another product I live is Slimpressions' the "Have Nots". Slimpressions is a premium line of shapewear for the top half of a woman's body. The Have Nots scoop below the bra so you can smooth out any jelly belly and back fat (and even arm flab) but still have easy access to the liquid gold. :) Love it. I recently got mine at Intimacy in NY but I saw that has them too (free shipping).

Christina Pond said...

Oh gosh thanks for the link! I LOVE that fertility bracelet! The moonstone is GORGEOUS! I may ask for that for my Christmas present!! ;-)

Alicia said...

Thanks Donna for the link. I just bought a remembrance necklace. That is so special. Thank you.

Alicia said...

I just wanted to let you know that this necklace is also a fertility necklace. Tubes still tied and 11 1/2 weeks pregnant. I got my copy of the Business of Being Born yesterday from NetFlix. Can't wait to watch it. Thank you for all your advice and support.

Donna Ryan said...

I can't believe it! Congratulations?