Saturday, October 11, 2008

Birth Interventions -- Are they Necessary?

I just read a fantastic article sent to me by a fellow Bradley instructor. It is a Consumer Reports article on Childbirth in America. It is titled "Back to Basics for Safer Childbirth: Too Many Doctors and Hospitals are Overusing High-Tech Procedures." You must check it out.

Jenni, you had asked about interventions and testing that doctors tell us we should have, but really don't need, and this article answers many of those questions. There is a questionnaire to click on that will give quite a bit more information on those interventions that most women think they have to have.

I have mulled over how to answer your question, and I was actually going to write a post about it tonight. This came at such an appropriate time. There are other things that were not listed in the article that I will address tonight. For now, check out this report and pass it on to your pregnant friends and family. aternity-care/overview/maternity-care.htm?loginMethod=auto

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