Thursday, October 30, 2008

American Birth Movies and a Few Other Thoughts

Just a few comments:

My sister said that her husband is so impressed with my blog. I am not sure if that necessarily means content, as they have no children and no interest in that area. He thinks it is great that I am disciplined enough to sit and write all this out. I had to laugh because that is not where the discipline comes in! I am disciplined only when I am not writing! I would like nothing better than to sit here and write about these topics I feel so strongly about, but, as any mom knows, her house would fall apart, no one would be fed, they'd all be wearing dirty laundry, and crying at her feet.

I've had several people (you know who you are, you birth junkies!) tell me they wish I'd post more often, but I am forcing myself to not let my house fall apart! I am thinking about what to write about all the time. Let me know if there are topics you'd like addressed. I'm trying to get to them all. I did go through and answer some comments that have been posted over the last week or so.

I have someone in labor tonight. Her water broke almost 24 hours ago. Her doula is a former student of mine. We've been in contact most of the day. The baby is posterior, or sunny-side up, which usually creates a longer labor as the baby tries to turn. So far, so good. It's hard not to think about it all the time, wishing I could help... Ultimately, each woman has to dig down deep and find out what she is made of. No one can do that for her. It is truly a transformative, life-altering experience. I hope she continues on through the night. If she uses sleep as her friend in the relaxation process, instead of her enemy as an "excuse" to have an epidural, she'll be ok.

I watched another great movie the other night: "Orgasmic Birth." It follows 11 couples and their births. I think I might do a screening in my home. Let me know if you are interested in that. I did a screening of "The Business of Being Born" at the public library in April, but I don't feel like I can promote this movie because of the name. I wish it had a different name, and yet I completely understand it. Birth can be so different than how ER portrays it! In a word, orgasmic! In my experience, it wasn't physical, but definitely emotional. "Orgasmic Birth" -- a must see.

There is another birth movie out this year too, but I haven't seen it yet: "Pregnant in America." It was released in August, probably at nationwide screenings, but I never heard of one in my area. It is being released in December on DVD. Yes, I have mine pre-ordered!

I am so pleased with all these movies about birth in America. We need a giant spotlight on this problem! Be vocal in your communities. Encourage couples to see these movies. Share your birth stories. Empower those around you. Encourage normal birth.


Kate's mommy said...

I would be interested in attending a screening, Donna! Plus it would give Kip some time w/ Katherine & mommy a couple hours of alone time! :)

Christina Pond said...

You know I am so there! Time and date please!!! ;-)

Donna Ryan said...

Only 2 takers so far? I'm sure the class I have starting this weekend will be there as well. We'll set a date, maybe between Thanksgiving and Christmas.