Sunday, September 14, 2008

OB vs. midwife -- the debate

OK, I went a little crazy yesterday and was really harsh on the doctors. Every now and then I find one that is really great and does believe that a woman's body can do this without his/her help. They are extremely rare, however. They are trained to look for things to go wrong.

Likewise, I've run into midwives who do the profession a disservice by calling themselves such. I call them "doctors in midwives clothing!" There are some who are very medically minded and think intervention is appropriate in nearly every birth. One of my students in Albuquerque was giving birth with a large group of midwives at a local hospital and was insistent on little intervention. The midwife scolded her for birthing in a hospital, telling her she should have birthed at home because this (interventions) is how it is done in the hospital.

So, here is some advice. When you are looking for a great OBGYN or midwife, call your local Birth Boot Camp Instructor. They will know who supports natural birth.


Kate's mommy said...

Amen!! (oh, and you should probably listen to their advice too...) :)

Lena said...

I second that Amen!! WHAT a difference.